Welcome to our colorful playground, packed with events, swag and ideas based on the augmented reality game Ingress Prime. We look forward to having you join us for our next project or just chat with you in our chats.


Our idea for the Creative Ingress project, was primarily born out of the incentive to organize local events that were different from what was known before. With the goal of bringing new, original and creative elements to our events, we developed our own projects and supported other organizers in the implementation of their ideas with advice and support. Whether it’s on-site or virtual events, we always look to find a way to spice things up with an individual flair. It makes no difference to us if it is a faction related or crossfaction event. Click the button for a list of our recent events.

Upcoming Events

Challenges and team play like an anomaly but without having to travel long distances!
The Couchomaly is a series of events that allows agents from both factions to compete against each other in a competitive match, no matter where they are in the world. An event lasts between one and several days, participation is possible at any time during the event period. There are tasks in the areas of creativity, in game statistics or decoding.

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In the Ingress community developed a passion for collecting since the beginning. Merchandise items (also called „SWAG“) made and sold by Niantic were highly coveted and rare. Over time, players began to produce their own biocards and later other collectibles, such as stickers, coins, pins or patches. We also increasingly specialized in creating our own swag for our needs. Many times the ideas arise very spontaneously or are based on wishes from the community.

DESIGN & Ideas

We are not professionals in what we do, but we are full of creative ideas that we passionately implement. We not only create designs for our own work but also support other players‘ projects. We also give advice and ideas when players contact us with questions about specific topics related to our activities. So maybe you already know some of our ideas or have seen something we have worked on. Just have a look at our gallery.