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  • Swag Design Contest 2022

    Merchandise, insiders also call it swag, for Ingress has been popular for years. Not only the official products from Niantic but also designs from agents are always popular in the community.

    Even if there are already many agents who produce themselves, there are often players who have good ideas but not the possibilities to produce their own swag.

    This is where our design contest comes into play. We have opened a form where you can present your own ideas. From these ideas we will choose one and convert it into physical swag.

    What do I have to do?

    Just fill out the form until September 28, 2022. Describe your idea as detailed as possible and add a sketch or graphic if you want.

    Topic for this Contest

    10 Years with Ingress


    • One submission per participant.
    • Your submission is unique and not copied from anywhere.
    • Your submission fits the mentioned Topic.
    • Your submission can be crossfaction or faction based.
    • No submissions that violate the law or offend people.

    After the deadline we will choose a winner with whom we will realize his idea together. We cover the costs of production and the winner receives a certain amount of the produced swag. The rest we give away at events or as prizes in our competitions.

    Submission Period

    August 28 to September 28, 2022

    Submission Form

    We look forward to your participation. For questions and updates, visit @creativeingress on Telegram.

  • 10 years with ingress

    thank you niantic flag

    Download the files for this design from the google drive folder.

    At the end of 2012, Ingress was presented to the world and, with a viral marketing strategy and the original concept, won numerous fans, some of whom are still actively involved today.

    Back then, there were still few portals and many of the game mechanics implemented today did not even exist. Players met on the street and played a video game together. That was rather strange for many people who observed this.

    I met a lot of people during that time and in the years that followed. I participated in anomalies and other events together, there were many emotions and fun. We all have experienced and written a lot of stories.

    The evolution of Ingress through Redacted to Ingress Prime was not always perfect. But Niantic has still held on to the game all these years. I’m thankful for this great augmented reality game and for the 10th birthday, I just want to say thank you. Thanks to Niantic and thanks to all the players who make this game so great.

    The idea for the flag came to me for the first time after the Anomaly in Dresden where players carried around a flag with the inscription „Thank You for Nothing“. I didn’t think it was right to react that way, especially since it was just an expression of resentment that agents didn’t see their own efforts appreciated enough.

    After the pandemic I decided again to recreate the design for a flag that I will wear with pride for the first time at Superposition Anomaly in Munich. Maybe we will meet there for a selfie or a group photo to just say thank you for 10 wonderful years.