the story

When Ingress was released by Niantic Inc. in beta 2012/2013, I waited like many others for my invitation code. Since then, I can’t get away from the game.
I am still fascinated by the commitment and creativity of the developers and the community.

A few years after the first official Anomalies I had the chance to participate in an unofficial community event. From that point on, I wanted to create swag and events myself.

Some time later, together with the agents @FanTasMo, @Nexus5Maximus, @xxBINKYxx and some others, I set up my own event. After that, I invested a lot of time creating various unofficial events and swag.

Later I was joined by @ITHexe, who took creativity to a new level with her design skills and from whom I learned quite a bit.

Ingress is more than a game, it’s the origin of numerous creative storys…

In the last years we released really cool merchandise under the name Craftersguild and distributed it to the players at numerous FirstSaturdays, Anomalies and Cityflips. We also provided support to several initiatives with Swag or sponsoring during the pandemic and assisted numerous agents in creating their own designs and events with our skills and ideas.

During 2021 there was a creative break for some time. But now it’s time for a new project: Creative Ingress!

Our goal has always been to spread the word about Ingress Prime, to make as many players as possible feel what it means to be part of the great community, to create more awesome swag for you, and to continue to create and host crazy events.

c.o.r.e. team


graphic & web designer


technical support, swag production


management, planning


beer, ideas


events, graphic & web design, administration


your ideas, skills & support