the story

With the beta release of ingress in 2012, I, like many others, have been waiting for my invite code. It wasn’t long before I found myself in the depths of a game world unlike anything I had ever seen in mmo’s and other video games. Since that time I can’t get away from the game. I have been actively playing this game for over 10 years now and
I am still fascinated by the commitment and creativity of the developers at niantic and the global ingress community and all the people I have met over the past years.

A few years after the first official anomalies, I had the chance to participate in an unofficial community event. From that point I wanted to create swag, designs and events myself.

Ingress is more than a game, it’s the origin of numerous creative storys…

The goal has always been to spread the word about ingress, to make as many players as possible feel what it means to be part of the great community, to create more awesome swag for everyone, and make ingress a little bit more awesome. I’m working mainly on my own expenses and I have no intention to gain any monetary profit from this projects. Therefore I give away most of the swag.

core team

Working with many agents over the years, I’ve implemented a wide variety of ideas, and along the way a solid team has formed that has been involved in almost every project. This is the core team of Creative Ingress:


Technical support & organization


graphic design




graphic design