our story

Creativity and community engagement have always been an important factor in Ingress. Players produce their own merch, create great designs, and host events and contests related to the game. This creates new opportunities to interact with the game and the community and piques the interest of non-players as well as keeping active players happy.

Since the release of the beta version of Ingress, a group of agents, in varying line-ups, has been active in the creative community.

We have worked on several projects and organized our own events and produced swag for them. To focus our creativity, we created a permanent group and gave it a name: CraftersGuild. As you can imagine, there was often confusion among players of a virtual sandbox game.

Our goal was to use the resources available to us with Ingress and Ingress Prime to develop new experiences and designs for the community. We are not focused on monetization. Most of what we produce can be obtained for free in our events, challenges and promotions.


We also wanted to make it possible for everyone to participate in an event or challenge, no matter where you are in the world or how involved you are in the community. Implementing wishes and ideas from the community is also part of our work. However, only if they are communicated to us, or we hear about them.

Since we are not really a small closed group any more, it was obvious to expand the original idea and finally change the name: Creative Ingress was born. A place for creative minds who want to get more out of the game and become active themselves, as well as for players who want to expand their gaming experience.

the team